Skiving and Roller Burnishing Tools, Deep Hole Drilling Tools, Cutting Tools for Ultra Hard

Chengdu Emercy is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, sales, and providing deep hole processing technology application and capacity optimization solutions for various industries. The company was founded in 2017. With its professional design in deep hole processing experience in the field of deep hole and strong technical strength, it has risen rapidly in the field of deep hole.

Our Factory

We are committed to the research and development of skiving and roller burnishing tools. The main product series include SROA, SRXL, SROK, SROF and SRB series of hydraulic and pneumatic skiving and roller burnishing tools, which provide high-quality deep hole cutting programs and cutting tools for inner hole processing of base metal (hot-rolled pipe and cold drawn pipe) used in various oil cylinder products.

Our Product

Skiving and roller burnishing tools; BTA head, gun drill; trepanning drill, boring tool; profile drilling tool; adjustable boring and rolling Tool; adjustable Boring Head; drilling tubes and boring tubes; other related cutting tools.

Product Application

Hydraulic and pneumatic components; such as hydraulic cylinder, machine spindle; shaft parts

Oil and gas, petroleum machinery; such as drill collars, drill pipes

Automotive and vehicle construction; Ship building;


Military industry such as gun barrel; weapons;

Power generation and chemical industry;

Coal mining machinery.

Automotive and vehicle construction

Production Market

Our products are widely used in domestic market and international market; 30% sales performance is from domestic market, 45% is from south Asia, 25% is from Russia and other countries.

Our Service

Drawing will be sent to customer for formal confirmation after taking details of component material, machine conditions, cutting diameter, thread etc. Videos, factory visit or online instructions are available for sales service.


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