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PHILDAL HOLDING CO., LIMITED is a professional sputtering target supplier located in China. We supply sputtering targets to the global market. So far, purchases from European and American customers account for the majority of our exports.

We entered the thin film materials industry in 2007, started with producing Titanium sputtering target for one of our old customers. Then we expanded our supplying scope of sputtering target materials in the following years. And we built a team which focused on thin film materials field.

We now have a wide range of metals, alloys, ceramic materials serving the coating industry. In addition to caring about improving the quality and reducing production costs of conventional materials, we also always maintain a passion for developing innovative materials. We are proud of the successful development of pure Tungsten carbide sputtering target (binder-free WC) in 2013 and Niobium Zirconium sputtering target (Nb-Zr 90-10 wt%) in 2014, and since then both are continuously and stably supplied to our customers.

You are welcome to visit our products page to find the sputtering target which you need. If you do not find a material you're looking for listed, you can email us to inquire, we will reply you within 1 working day.


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