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COOLER is founded by engineers who have a strong interest in engineering technology. They are born with a love for technology and have a great sense of achievement in the pursuit of technology. COOLRE is committed to a company founded by people who pursue a refined and high-quality life.

COOLER, is a company specializing in refrigeration. Refrigeration water, air, and refrigeration projects are all areas of our expertise. At present, our first-generation product is a household kettle with constant cooling and refrigeration. The inspiration comes from engineers who feel the inconvenience of drinking cold water, the inability of cold water to keep the cold temperature at all times, and the fact that no products in the world can provide constant cooling at any time.

Waterbased small household appliances, which effectively solve these needs, are small in size, high in efficiency, flexible in use, cleaner and faster than traditional refrigerators, and more sensitive than traditional ice machines. You can drink at home anytime, anywhere cold water at a constant temperature, running 24 hours a day.

It makes people excited to think about this, this is very revolutionary, fast, convenient, clean, energy-saving, functional, COOLER is the first in the world!

The research and development process lasted 4 years, we developed 8 cycles prototype, more than 500 prototypes, various shapes, the following is our development process, 1-2-3-4-5.-6-7-8passed A variety of tests, improvements, and enhancements have led to the birth of the first generation of constant-cooling and refrigeration kettles, which can stand the test and feel full of use.

COOLER is committed to providing safe and reliable products, passed CE, 3C, PFA certification, reliable performance, food grade 304 inner tank, long life of refrigeration spare parts.

When you come back from exercising, you donot need to wait for the water in the refrigerator, but drink ice-cold water directly.

In the middle of the night when you are irritable, you do not need to think about whether you have placed ice water, but pour a ready-made cup from the kettle.

At a party, if you want to quickly drink a cold beer, just turn the kettle upside down and drink the original cold beer.

It just wonderful that it running and providing prefer cold water anytime you want to drink it.

Improve the quality of life and create practical value.

CEO's Message

COOLER is based on the concept of creating value for the humanity, If we encounter an issue, we can think and find out how to solve the issue. This method can often be turned into an opportunity to create value for the humanity, many new products, product optimization, and increasing added value all originate from the "little difficulties" encountered in use. COOLER founded in this way of thinking, discovering problems, solving problems, believe in technology bringing more beautiful to life.

Company Certificate

The certifications required for small household appliances are: 1. UL mark; 2. CE mark; 3. GS mark; 4. European EMC mark; 5. CCC mark, etc. 1. UL mark: the abbreviation of Underwriters Laboratories in English. COOLER companies have applied for the above certification, and the products can be sold on all continents.

Team Introduced

Core team

CEO: Ken-Li, The CEO of Cooler, the Founder of the project.

Wen: Head of engineer, in charge of the COOLER supercool kettle developed

Development History


2018: An inspiration founded in 2018, to provide people with products that provide continuous cold water, define the temperature of people drinking cold water, and know the temperature of their drinking water at any time.


2019: Wen engineers continued to develop the product, continued to transform the prototype to realize the function, poured a lot of energy into every detail, and finally chose a high-performance prototype to present to the market.


2020: Supercool kettle takes initial shape, circuit design, structure improvement, heat dissipation problems, and water temperature continuation problems have all been solved.


2021: The products are continuously CNC proofed to create real prototypes and 3D proofing. This year, a total of more than 500 prototypes have been perfected.


2022: Product launch to the market, formal mold development, certification, etc. to be verified all the way. At the same time, COOLER has also established other new project teams, striving to make a big splash in the refrigeration industry.

Company Honor

COOLER supercool kettle is appying for PTC international patent, as well as China patent practical professional, to provide users with high-quality, unprecedented products is our pursuit, won the praise of many home appliance companies, to define the temperature of cold water, Started by COOLER.

Industry Status

The leader in the Refrigeration kettle.

Company Mission

Make the world cooler of the word, define the drinking cold water.

Company Philosophy

Cooler make beautiful to the life.

Company Values

Improve the quality of life and create practical value.


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