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Deep Mold provides our clients a total and complete project management from concept to prototyping, through mold design, mold making, injection parts to assembly products of surface finish and finally the shipment at the destination. Our team has rich experience in molds and high quality parts, we have a whole set of advanced mold processing systems and high precision.

The main industries are:

Automotive industry, Household appliances Industry, Medical industry, Consumer goods industry


● sales have rich experience in mold design and injection rooms. Communication will be very fluid.

● A Western leadership headed by industrial designers who will advise on the right technology.

If you want to get a quote, reduce your costs, improve your competition and make your job easier, we welcome your request to develop a reliable partnership here at Deep Mold.

We are a ISO 9001 Certificated Plastic Injection Molding Company.

Quality has always been a subject close to Deep Mould's main concern, therefore we are proud to be one of the selected few companies that are certified to the quality management system.

Our ISO 9001 certification.

Main activities of Deep Mold:

Automotive molds and injection of automotive parts.

Automatic inner shell

● Automatic air filter

● Automatic left / right support

● automatic door frame

Injection of molds and parts for household appliances

● Plastic parts of the coffee machine

● Plastic part of the refrigerator

● plastic parts of the printer

● plastic parts of air conditioner

Medical molds and parts injection

● Medical detector of plastic parts

High quality molds and parts

● plastic box / crate / bucket

Prototyping molds

● aluminum molds

Machining of steel elements.

● Machining of cavity / core inserts

● Machining of elevators

Rapid Prototyping

● 3D printing

● CNC plastic machining

● Vacuum training


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