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 We were established in 2012. We specialize in manufacturing various metal parts according to customer requirements. Over the years, we have grown into a manufacturer of spare parts and metal parts, which are used in automobiles, furniture, electrical equipment, medical treatment, sanitary ware and construction. industry. With our long-term experience, we are a well-known reliable manufacturer in the CNC machining industry. And trusted by domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, we have a group of professional technicians and advanced production equipment to produce high-quality products, such as steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

The company is committed to developing the ability to continuously produce high-quality products. For example, we provide products or parts with high requirements and precision to achieve higher standards of work and reduce production costs. We provide customers with competitive and high-quality products, and patient and serious service is the core of our work. In addition to consulting services in product development, there are turning, stamping, folding, welding, rivets, lasers, mold manufacturing and parts assembly manufacturing. We also provide other additional services, such as metal plating, painting, and packaging. Both domestic and international customers can get a full range of services from our one-stop service system.

Our Product

We provide CNC machining service.For example:

Aluminium CNC Milling Parts

Metal Milling Service

CNC Milling Acrylic

Precision Prototyping Machining

CNC Lathe Turning Machining

Stainless Steel Turned Parts

Production Market

USA, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Germany, Spain, Israel etc.

Product Application

Structure parts for product,CNC parts , Automobile parts, Sports equipment, Communication equipment.

Production Equipment

CNC milling machine, CNC turning machine,CNC turning and lathe...

Production Process

In addition to CNC machining production services,the surface treatments we can provide are: sandblasting, anodizing, blackening, PVD vacuum plating, water plating, stainless steel passivation, etc.

Team Work

We can provide you with high-quality products and actively respond to your inquiries. At the same time, our team members are omnipotent and have accumulated professional and rich experience in CNC operation, and will provide you with consultation and feedback to meet your requirements to the greatest extent.


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