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Our History

2011 Official project to enter the treadmill industry

2013-2015 Top sellers in the treadmill category for many years on different Chinese online platform

2018 DAPAO was officially established in Wuyi, Zhejiang

2019 Expanded from 10,000 sq. ft. to 18,000 sq. ft. and completed lean production process, while receiving the Science and Technology SMEs in Zhejiang Province

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Disposable Vape, CBD Vapes, 2ml Disposable Vape,China Manufacturers, Factory,Suppliers

ShenZhen Yisha Technology Co., Ltd have Brand-Gif bar. Yisha provides OEM/ODM services for designing, engineering, manufacturing, and exporting electronic cigarettes. Gifbaris the top vape brand that has opened a sales channel across over 20 counties.

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China Quality Waste Oil Distillation Plant & Vacuum Distillation Plant factory,Suppliers, Wholesale


Founded in 2007, PurePath Green Technology has been dedicated in providing customers with its exclusive turnkey solution for projects of waste oil distillation, base oil extraction and light hydrocarbons desulfuring etc. Up to now, PurePath has been working with more than 100 companies & organizations and deeply involved in more than 40 petrochemical projects all over the world.

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Lanolin, Stearic Acid, Hardened Oil, Paraffin Wax,China Manufacturers,Suppliers,Factory,Wholesale

Our parent company Foshan Nanhai Dacheng Chemical Co.,Ltd was established in 1993, the company has been dedicated to the Research and Development, Compounding and Sales of grease chemical raw materials. The affiliated Hongcheng Raw Material Agency was established in Shenzhen in 2006, to expand Shenzhen and neighboring market. Shenzhen Qianhai Wonsenda Industrial Co.,Ltd was formally founded in 2016, to continue deep ploughing grease chemical and integrating upstream-downstream resources of polishing wax, with years of professional experience to provide more comprehensive quality service for customers from domestic and abroad.

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Suzhou Giant Power Chain Co.,Ltd.,China Manufacturers,Suppliers,Factory and Wholesale

SUZHOU GIANT POWER CHAIN CO., LTD is the earliest chain export base and one of specialized enterprises manufactured high strength, high precision roller chains in China. Its main products are standard roller chain A series and B series, bush chains, double pitch chains, silent chains, leaf chains, hollow pin chains and special chains, conveyor chains etc. Its annual output is 1.5 million metres。

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E-Cigarette Manufacturer-CBD Electronic Cigarettes,China Manufacturers,Suppliers,Factory,Wholesal

Excellent supplier of atomization technology and product solutions


Hoping become to an excellent supplier of atomization technology and product solutions of the global cannabis industry.


leading atomization technology, for users and partners,creating value of society, growing together.

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Dongguan Mingyi Mold Parts Co., Ltd,China Manufacturers,Suppliers,Factory and Wholesale

Founded in 2005, Dongguan MingYi Mold Parts Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of press die mold parts and plastic mold parts and different machine parts supplied globally to the metal-working and plastics industries.

Our Factory

We specialize in making all kinds of mold parts according to the JIS, DIN and AISI etc standards. At the same time, we can make according to the standards of the following: MISUMI, DAYTON, HASCO, FIBRO.

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China Automotive Mold Component, Custom Mold Component, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory

Moldcraft Precision Mold Co., Ltd has always been dedicated to manufacturing of precision components & parts for molds, tools and die. We've served automotive, electronics, medical and other industries since our establishment in 2014.

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Good Price Compact Massage Chair, Luxury Massage Chair, Compact Armchair,Manufacturers,Supplier

Our R&E massage chairs are ergonomically designed to make people comfort, relax and enjoy. We developed more than 30 high-end massage chairs with patents and product quality certifications. We employed 30 professional electrical R&D engineers, who can customize massage chairs with various functions and effects for customers. R&E has completely independent R&D, management and sales channels, and integrates intelligent and ergonomic technology into product development to create a "health + intelligence" life. We provide the most comfortable service in various places you need to be, such as home, office, airport, cinema, hospital, shopping mall and so on.

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Refrigeration water, air, and refrigeration,China Manufacturers,Suppliers,Factory and Wholesale

COOLER is founded by engineers who have a strong interest in engineering technology. They are born with a love for technology and have a great sense of achievement in the pursuit of technology. COOLRE is committed to a company founded by people who pursue a refined and high-quality life.

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