China Treadmill, Fitness Bench, Inversion Table ,China Manufacturers, Factory ,Suppliers

Our History

2011 Official project to enter the treadmill industry

2013-2015 Top sellers in the treadmill category for many years on different Chinese online platform

2018 DAPAO was officially established in Wuyi, Zhejiang

2019 Expanded from 10,000 sq. ft. to 18,000 sq. ft. and completed lean production process, while receiving the Science and Technology SMEs in Zhejiang Province

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Disposable Vape, CBD Vapes, 2ml Disposable Vape,China Manufacturers, Factory,Suppliers

ShenZhen Yisha Technology Co., Ltd have Brand-Gif bar. Yisha provides OEM/ODM services for designing, engineering, manufacturing, and exporting electronic cigarettes. Gifbaris the top vape brand that has opened a sales channel across over 20 counties.

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Thermos Cup, Plastic Water Bottle, Glass Water Bottle Manufacturers, Factory

RevoMax Innovations LLC is Headquartered in the United States with its production base in Guangdong , China , RevoMax is a young and dynamic brand founded by Mr. Leo, a former senior engineer at Intel. RevoMax is also known as a brand which invented the world first vacuum insulated water bottle that has no screw and can be open/close with one hand in one second and boast the best heat and cold preservation in the world . 

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Pet Toys Manufacturer - Pet Toys China,Factory and Wholesale

As a pet toys manufacturer in China, we started our small factory with 1,500M2 in 1996.

With more than 20 years growing up, we have been exporting to the world market, primarily to the USA and Europe, on an OEM basis, supply private-labeled pet products to Walmart, Target, Petsmart, Petco, Pet Valu, Costco, and licensed pet products for Disney, NFL.

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China Roof Top Tent, Camp Tent, Car Roof Rack Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory

Sichuan Wetour international trading Co., Ltd is a full-link company that integrates outdoor global high-quality outdoor product supply chains, controls the professional quality of outdoor products, and escorts outdoor enthusiasts. We have accumulated a decade of rich experience in terms of the research, the product innovation, the marketing and the exportation based on outdoor and overland gears.

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China Skating Frame, Ice Skate Blade, Wheels Aluminium Hub Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory

CY Precision Co.,LTD is located in China's manufacturing Dongguan which was established in 2006. 

We have more than 16 years experience in CNC manufacturing.

We are specializing in hardware accessories for sports equipment,our main prodcuts are skating frames, like speed frames, FSK frames, Aggressive frames, iceblade, hockey frames, quad plate, aluminium hub, axles and spacer, bicycle parts etc. And other lathe and milling machine products, such as auto parts, precision instrument parts, automation equipment parts and so on.

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China Rotational Molding Equipment Manufacturers, Factory and Wholesale

Our company has a powerful technology R&D team consisted of senior engineers in the plastic, mechanical and automatic control industries, design engineers and assistant engineers and so on.

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Inflatable Sup Paddle Board, Air Mattress,China Manufacturers,Suppliers,Factory

Weihai Blue Bay Outdoor Product Co., Ltd., established in 2016, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, sale and service of inflatable sup paddle board, inflatable kayak,dingy boat and inflatable air mattress. Besides, we are making great efforts to develop new products to meet different requirements. Our company has rich experience in water sports.

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Barbell, Barbell Weight Set, Olympic Barbell, Dumbbell,China Manufacturers,Suppliers,Factory

Yiwu Real Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for one stop service for fitness products.

The company has its mature and experienced team for sales, sourcing, production, designing and logistics for more than 50 employees.

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Swimming Pool project Manufacturer, Swimming pool service


On a Thursday afternoon, a Russian customer Mr Vito send message to our business manager and hoped to get a complete solutions for the swimming pool project. After simple communication, we arranged a video conference with high efficiency and quickly drafted his preliminary design without any language barriers.

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